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In Search of the Perfect Guy

Bethany Wagmon was out Barbie doll shopping with her Grandma Judy Knust. Knust told Wagmon to search for her favorite boy Barbie dolls. She said they were specifically looking for male dolls because they are harder to find. Knust said this was their second time at the yard sale that day. (Photo by Rachel Snow)

Saturday Oct. 3, 2009 Bethany Wagmon was on a hunt for the perfect guy.

Wagmon and her grandma Judy Knust found an Ad in the local newspaper for a yard sale with 2,000 Barbie dolls. Knust said they had visited the yard sale earlier in the day, but came back for more. She said they were looking for boy Barbies because they are harder to come by. The yard sale was held by David Carter, who said all the dolls were donated. He said some of the profits of the yard sale would be going to a local church.

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