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Lake Murphysboro State Park

With its gentle hills and ample woods and wildlife, Lake Murphysboro State Park, located about one mile west of Murphysboro, offers visitors a way to escape their daily routine and enjoy the outdoors.

The 145-acre lake was built in 1950, and today offers anglers a variety of fish, as well as being a popular location for boaters. A three-mile hiking trail winds through the park, and several campsites can be found across the area’s 1,022 acres. An archery range is also available to visitors, though there is no hunting in the park. Perhaps due to this ban, wildlife abound, from fox and whitetail deer to great egrets and waterfowl.

Though camping and fishing are some of the major uses of the park, Lake Murphysboro also offers a beautiful backdrop for weddings. Officials said the park is used every year by couples as a place to hold their ceremony, particularly in the spring and fall, when the trees and flowers are a flurry of color.

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