What We Should Know About Legs Blood Clots

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What we should know about Legs Blood Clots
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If you are having legs blood clots, then this is the information about legs blood clots that will help you to treat the disease and the pain. We will also provide you with some causes as well as how to prevent it. First of all, it is important to know what legs blood clot is. In short, legs blood clots are the condition where the blood is blogging in the vessel. Actually, there are many Read more

Clot In Brain, One Of The Most Dangerous Condition On Blood Clotting

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Clot in Brain, One of the Most Dangerous Condition on blood clotting
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When we are talking about blood clot condition then one of the most dangerous condition where our body are afflicted with blood clots is when our blood clot in brain has been hampering the blood circulation from our heart to brain. This is by far one of the most dangerous things that can happen to us and can lead to another deadly diseases which is often known as stroke. Stroke is a condition when our Read more

Blood Clot Bruise That We Need To Be Aware Of

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Blood Clot Bruise that we need to be aware of
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Many people believe that having a blood clot bruise is dangerous and they often panicking when they have bruise which where they think it will cause serious blood clot injuries inside their body. However, all of these is not entirely true because if you have bruise of course you will have blood clot inside because without blood clot it means that you will bleed to death. Yes you hear that right blood clot is not Read more

Blood Clots In Brain Problem And How To Overcome It

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Blood Clots in Brain Problem and How to Overcome It
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Till now, blood clots in brain considered as one of dangerous cases in medical world. It might be known as early phase of any serious diseases that can be happened in the future so, it’s really important for everyone to know about some ways to overcome it. Most of us may know about what is blood clot since, it is a common case that is faced by any people. Blood clot is more known as Read more

What Is Blood Clot Disorder?

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What is Blood Clot Disorder?
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So, there are many cases of blood circulatory system that is happened like, blood clot disorder. It’s common problem that is often faced by anyone. You may not know about it but it becomes a popular case that might be faced by lots of patient. Doctors might be familiar with it too due to its dangerous case. In this case, we will talk more about it especially, how is it formed and some ways to Read more

Knowing About Clots During Menstruation It Is Dangerous Or Not

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Knowing about clots during menstruation it is dangerous or not
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There are several things that make women feel uncomfortable during their menstruation phase and one of them is clots during menstruation. Some women believe that clots means that their genitalia is not healthy therefore some women even panicking when they have clots in their menstruation phase. However, as scary as it is to have some clots when in menstruation phase it is actually harmless and you will not suffer from anything dangerous from this blood Read more

Knowing More About Blood Clots On Legs

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Knowing More about Blood Clots on Legs
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Nowadays, blood clots on legs become one of the problems that are faced by many people nowadays. It’s also considered as early phase of some serious diseases such as, heart attack, stroke, and other diseases. In this case, it’s really important for everyone to know more about it as a preventive action if there are any symptoms that are occurred on the leg. Blood clot is known as a mass which is formed by fibrin Read more

Signs Of Clot In Leg That We Need To Know

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Signs of clot In Leg that we need to know
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One of the most problematic things that usually happen is the signs of clot in leg. There are several symptoms or signs that we need to know before we think that we are being afflicted by the blood clot. Even though at first it will be a simple problem, blood clot can really make us pained because in the end there will be a backlash for this health problem which is quite dangerous. Some of Read more

General Explanation About Blot Clot In Leg

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General Explanation about Blot Clot in Leg
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Blot clot in leg becomes one of healthy problems that are really dangerous. It’s a situation where there is a blockage on blood circular found on our leg. Therefore, there could be lots of problems that will be occurred later if it’s not treated really well. For blood clot case which is happened on leg, there are many possible causes about it. Besides, most of them are women due to the usage of high heel Read more

Genetic Blood Clotting Disorders Causes And Solution

Genetic Blood Clotting Disorders Causes and Solution

Blood clot is divided into many types and genetic blood clotting disorders included as one of them. It’s kind of blood clot that is caused by genetic or inherited. It may come from our parents or even previous generation that bring a blood clot gene for us. It may not be appearing soon but, any people with this problem become easier to get blood clot because of inherited gene. Therefore, it’s really important for them Read more