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Elm St. Baptist Church

At Elm Street Baptist Church, instead of focusing on contemporary social issues, the message remains based on the teachings of the Bible.

“A church has to stay true to its foundation,” Brother Charles Allen said. Allen said this message has allowed the church to stay strong and focus on its teachings. After years of work in the church, Allen said he has seen the church become more of a spiritual family for everyone, even those without a biological family. “That’s what draws many people to a good, family-oriented church,” he said.

Pate Chapel Church

SOLD OUT!” Not an uncommon set of words for the ladies at Pate Chapel church to say during their monthly peanut roll sale.

Lucille Lasly, secretary at Pate Chapel, said they sell these peanut rolls to help pay the bill of the new church. Lasly said about a year ago they moved into the new church which is right across the street from the old church.

So what is a peanut roll? Lasly said these rolls are actually squares of sponge cake cut and coated with homemade icing on all sides and then dipped into crushed peanuts. She said they make as many as 130 dozen peanut rolls each month – and they always sell out.