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Thrift Store

Gary and Cherie Green opened the Supported People In Need (S.P.I.N.) thrift store three years ago at 1501 Shoemaker Drive.

The couple is taking profits from the sales of second hand items and investing the money back into the building, a dilapidated former nursing home. They hope to open what would be Murphysboro only homeless shelter in the near future. “God opened doors so we could do this,” Cherie said. “We talked about it and looked in the community and then boom … the door opened and we got this place.”

Gary, who works full-time for the Murphysboro School District in the maintenance department, spends much of his free time volunteering at the thrift store. “There’s no glory or anything in this, or glamorous. It’s work and some of the time it gets to be hard work,” Gary said.