Symptoms Of Blood Clots In Lungs For People

Symptoms of Blood Clots in Lungs For people

Many people do not really recognize about symptoms of blood clots in lungs. When they have short breath or fast heartbeat, they feel that this is just a natural symptom because of exhausting. But do not take it for granted, because it could be a warn from your body that you have blood clots in lungs. Blood clots cannot be ignored because it higher the risk of getting stroke, or heart attack because blood clots Read more

Genetic Blood Clotting Disorders Causes And Solution

Genetic Blood Clotting Disorders Causes and Solution

Blood clot is divided into many types and genetic blood clotting disorders included as one of them. It’s kind of blood clot that is caused by genetic or inherited. It may come from our parents or even previous generation that bring a blood clot gene for us. It may not be appearing soon but, any people with this problem become easier to get blood clot because of inherited gene. Therefore, it’s really important for them Read more

Is Cinnamon Good For High Blood Pressure?

Is Cinnamon Good for High Blood Pressure?

There are actually many kinds of medicine that are comes from natural habitat for people who have suffer from high blood pressure. Some of this medicine is even pretty unique and many do not know about its beneficial function and also benefits. the same can also be said for Cinnamon. Cinnamon is known as an herb and spice that usually being used for food and cooking ingredients. However, is it true that is cinnamon good Read more

Blood Clot Medication Names And Its Explanation

Blood Clot Medication Names and Its Explanation

Nowadays, there are many kinds of blood clot medication names that are available. Those medications are available in any kinds of brands with specific effect for human body. Therefore, it’s really important for us to choose the best medication that is based on doctor’s prescription. It’s functioned to prevent blood clot that can be happened anytime. Blood clot itself could be a normal effect that can be happened inside our body. It will prevent any Read more

Methods On How To Treat A Blood Clot In Leg

Methods on How to Treat a Blood Clot in Leg

There are many kinds of methods that we can try on how to treat a blood clot in leg. Some of the methods can really give us better condition and can become a first air before we check up to the doctor to cure this condition. Of course, we need to be very careful when applying this treatment because blood clot condition is nothing to be trifled with due to its danger. Therefore, for you Read more

Signs Of Blood Clot In Lungs That We Need To Know

Signs of blood Clot in Lungs that we need to Know

There are many kinds of diseases that are quite difficult to known before. One of them is the blood clot in lungs, this disease is quite difficult to known, and therefore we are here to give you some insight on several signs of blood clot in lung. In this article we will give you some signs that will identify of this condition. Therefore if by any chance you see some of this condition come to Read more

What Is A Natural Blood Thinner That We Should Know?

What is a Natural Blood Thinner that we should know?

The thicker the blood it can really make additional problems such as blood clot which will lead to another body and health problem, therefore many people are using Coumadin and Plavix to thin or reducing their blood pressure. This is however not a good idea is as excessive use of these two medicine can really take a side effect to your body. Due to these reason many people ask on what is a natural blood Read more

Blood Clot In Lung Causes And How To Solve It

Blood Clot in Lung Causes and How to Solve It

Blood clot can be happened anywhere inside our body including lung and, there are many blood clot in lung causes that may cause it inside your body. A blood clot that is occurred on lung is called pulmonary embolism. There are many causes that can make this disease therefore, it’s better for us to know it as a preventive way to prevent any possibilities that can cause it inside our body. This article will reveal Read more

Blood Thinning Medications List That You Should Know

Blood Thinning Medications List that you should know

In order to treat blood thin problem that is faced by many people, there are many kinds of medications that are included inside the list of blood thinning medications list that you should know. Hence, it’s really important for any people to know it especially, for anyone that face blood thinning problem. Generally, blood thinning is kind of problem that is often faced by any people that get high bad cholesterol inside the blood. Hence, Read more