How To Treat Blood Clot In Leg Naturally

How to Treat Blood Clot in Leg Naturally

People that have blood clot in their leg often wonder about how to treat blood clot in leg. Blood clot is known as a serious disease that can cause further effect inside our body. Besides, it can also affect any parts of our body including leg. There will be some signs shown when we are having blood clot on our leg such as, our leg turn to be redder, feint, and other kinds of symptoms Read more

What Foods Thin Your Blood Easily?

What Foods Thin Your Blood Easily?

Lots of questions about blood clot are thrown by many people especially for those who get blood clot like, what foods thin your blood? It’s a general question that is often asked related with how to arrange your diet menu because; blood clot forces us to do it. By having arranged diet menu, then blood clot won’t be a serious problem anymore. Besides, it becomes a natural way to move away blood clot inside your Read more