What Is A Natural Blood Thinner That We Should Know?

What is a Natural Blood Thinner that we should know?

The thicker the blood it can really make additional problems such as blood clot which will lead to another body and health problem, therefore many people are using Coumadin and Plavix to thin or reducing their blood pressure. This is however not a good idea is as excessive use of these two medicine can really take a side effect to your body. Due to these reason many people ask on what is a natural blood Read more

Blood Clot In Lung Causes And How To Solve It

Blood Clot in Lung Causes and How to Solve It

Blood clot can be happened anywhere inside our body including lung and, there are many blood clot in lung causes that may cause it inside your body. A blood clot that is occurred on lung is called pulmonary embolism. There are many causes that can make this disease therefore, it’s better for us to know it as a preventive way to prevent any possibilities that can cause it inside our body. This article will reveal Read more