Blood Clot In Arm Treatment And Its Cause

Blood Clot in Arm Treatment and its Cause

Blood clot in arm treatment may happen as we usually have high blood pressure in some place on our hand or arms. This can happen because we undergo surgery which may happen because of prolonged immobilization of arm. Arm that does not move for longer period of time will have higher time to be afflicted by blood clot problem as the blood circulation is not clear and smooth. Due to this reason many people who Read more

Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Head That We Need To Be Aware Of

Symptoms of Blood Clot in Head that we need to be aware of

As we already know blood clots is a condition that can happen in almost any place on our body. The stack of blood clot that will hinder the blood circulation due to high blood pressure is a dangerous and risky condition that can lead to more serious problems. One of the most dangerous and risky place where blood clot can stack is the head, there are several symptoms that we need to understand and know Read more