Foods That Prevent Blood Clots Naturally

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Foods that Prevent Blood Clots Naturally
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Blood clot is one of the conditions where our blood becomes thickening due to some condition especially to dehydration and other things such as bad lifestyle. This is at first looks like a non-lethal condition and just gives us redness, swelling and other things. However, in the end, it will also lead to more serious problems such as stroke, heart failure and many more. Due to this reason it is also a good idea to Read more

Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Calf The Important To Know

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Symptoms of Blood Clot In Calf the Important to Know
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There are actually several types of symptoms of blood clot in calf that usually happen to our body. The symptoms may be a bit unique and sometimes will make us think that it is not blood clot rather than a pain in the calf which is normal. However, some of these symptoms will come in several place on the calf and if it is come in these symptoms then you need to be careful, for Read more