Thyme Tea Benefits For Our Body

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Thyme Tea Benefits for our Body
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There are actually many natural medicine that can give us a lot of benefits, some of the medicine can come from our surrounding and one of them is the thyme tea. To give you further insight on what this type of medicine and natural cure can give to us here are some of the thyme tea benefits that can give us many kinds of beneficial effect especially for our body health which is pretty precious. Read more

Signs Of Clot In Leg That We Need To Know

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Signs of clot In Leg that we need to know
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One of the most problematic things that usually happen is the signs of clot in leg. There are several symptoms or signs that we need to know before we think that we are being afflicted by the blood clot. Even though at first it will be a simple problem, blood clot can really make us pained because in the end there will be a backlash for this health problem which is quite dangerous. Some of Read more

Kinds Of Blood Thinners Medications And Its Effects

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Kinds of Blood Thinners Medications and Its Effects
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There are many kinds of blood thinners medications that are available nowadays. Each medicine has its dosage and effect for human health. However, most of them are used to treat blood clot problem that is suffered by some people. Blood clot is known as blood blockage that is occurred on several parts of human body. The blockage itself caused by lots of causes for example, cholesterol that becomes one of the causes that is faced Read more

Common Blood Thinner Both Natural And Artificial

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Common Blood Thinner both Natural and Artificial
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Blood clotting has become one of the most problematic diseases and condition that may happen to human, not because it is a deadly diseases but is can lead to another complex diseases ranges from stroke, heart attack and even amputation on certain case of it. Due to this reason it is important to know about several common blood thinners that can be used to counter this condition. Blood thinner itself is a medication that are Read more

The Truth About Aspirin Thins Blood In General

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The Truth about Aspirin Thins Blood in General
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There are several types of blood thinner that can be cured to thin the blood especially for people with high degree of blood pressure and one of the items that are known to all is Aspirin. Despite this, many people does not know about how aspirin thins blood in general which makes it not only useful as a headaches cure but also as an item or medication for curing blood clot and high blood pressure. Read more

Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Leg That We Need To Be Aware Of

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Symptoms of Blood Clot in Leg that we need to be Aware of
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There are several types of symptoms of blood clot in the leg. Like many other blood clot condition having a blood clot in the leg is not good news. It means that we need to be careful and make sure that we did not do anything rash against our body because blood clot blocking our artery and vein which can leading to a more problematic things and also serious diseases. Some serious diseases that can Read more

Natural Blood Thinners List That We Can Try To Use

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Natural Blood Thinners List that we can try To Use
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Natural blood thinners list is one of the best things that we can try to apply to our body if we have a blood clotting problem. Blood clot even though looks safe and not dangerous; it does not mean that we can neglect to care about it. Some blood clotting phase can become very dangerous which will make people feel uncomfortable and also lead to several dangerous diseases mainly known as the heart attack, stroke Read more

The Effectiveness Of Ginger Blood Thinner

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The Effectiveness of ginger Blood Thinner
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As we already know with the advancement of technology there are of course many kinds of chemical blood thinner that can reduce the blood thickness and also blood pressure in a more efficient and also faster way, however if we want to search for a natural solution then we can also find many kinds of natural blood thinner out there. One of the examples of a natural blood thinner is ginger blood thinner. Just as Read more