Blood Clot Arm Symptoms

Blood Clot Arm Symptoms
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Blood clot is a condition where our blood circulatory system are being hampered by the production of blood clot which usually used to stop bleeding. This can cause many kinds of complication or even diseases such as heart attack and also stroke. Therefore we need to be careful about it. One of the most common blood clot is the blood clot arm. This usually makes our hand cannot react as the blood circulation is being hampered by the clot. Of course there are symptoms that we can understand so we can prepare the necessary treatment or going to the hospital for further treatment before it evolves into a more dangerous phase.

Symptoms of Blood Clot Arm

1. Swelling
One of the most common symptoms in blood clot arm is swelling on our hand, swelling is happen because the affected part of the arm is swelling due to the blood clot that are stuck in the aforementioned arm part. One of the best way to discover this symptoms is to see the different size and also color that happen in your particular part of arm.

2. Warmth and redness
The other symptoms that may happen is quite unique because for the arm that are affected by blood clot will turn into a reddish color which represent the blood that are stuck inside your arm because of the blockade of the blood clot. This arm part will also feel warm as blood are warm if by any means that the blood clot is severe then the affected area will feel red and also inflamed or even giving a burning sensation to the victim of the diseases.

3. Pain
The other symptoms is none other than the pain. Yes, when you are having those two aforementioned symptoms then you will also feel pain in your arm the pain will start mild but over time it will become worsen which makes the affected part of the blood clot become hurt and also in pain. If you are affected by this then you need to go to the hospital at once because the blood clot arm symptoms in your body has become very severe and need further treatment immediately.

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