Blood Clot Bruise That We Need To Be Aware Of

Blood Clot Bruise that we need to be aware of
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Many people believe that having a blood clot bruise is dangerous and they often panicking when they have bruise which where they think it will cause serious blood clot injuries inside their body. However, all of these is not entirely true because if you have bruise of course you will have blood clot inside because without blood clot it means that you will bleed to death. Yes you hear that right blood clot is not entirely dangerous instead it can also help people to be safe from bleeding because blood clot that are well known under the supervision of our body and not exceeding is operated to make sure that our blood will not bleeding too much if there is a bruise in our body.

Blood Clot Bruise in Depth explanation

Blood clot bruise is not a serious blood clotting condition where it can lead to serious matter such as stroke or even heart attack. Blood clot in the bruise is happen because it control the flow of blood so it will not leak that cause some serious injuries. In other word blood clots in bruise are actually making our life safer by blocking the blood to be leaked out which may cause internal bleeding. On the other hand, many people are misinformed about this and think that blood clot are dangerous, or all blood clot are dangerous. However in reality only uncontrollable blood clot are dangerous which is why blood clot is considered as one of our mechanism in body.

Due to this reason, if you have a bruise, it means that you already have blood clot, but it does not mean that you need to be aware of it. Instead try to keep your calm and use pain gel to reduce the bruise so it will be good in anytime soon. However, even though blood clot bruise are not dangerous it does not mean that we can ignore it. There is some hit in the body that cause the bruise that may prove fatal but fortunately it is rare and not all of them are fatal, but you need to make sure if it’s not fatal and always have the precaution needed such as first aid kit and going to the clinic.

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