Blood Clots Lungs And What We Should Be Aware Of

Blood Clots Lungs and what we should be aware of
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There are several blood clotting condition that can happen to human being and one of them is the blood clots lung condition. In this terms of condition it means that the blood clot are happen to the lung region which means the blood clotting condition happen near the blood circulation that are near the lung which can cause severe condition for the victim, so what are the severe condition of the victim that can happen to them if they have blood clots in their lungs? The worse thing that can happen is always dead, yes, by having a blood clot in your lung s your lungs will cease to operational as it has deficient amount of air which means that you cannot breathe and it will resulted in your death and it will be quite painful.

Blood Clot Lungs Symptoms

As we already know blood clot lungs condition can lead to a very severe if not deadly results. Due to these reason knowing about the symptoms first is the best way to counter it as quickly as we can before it evolves into a more deadly condition. There are actually several symptoms for the blood clots lungs started from warm part of the body where there are blood clot stuck in there, additionally this will also be followed by reddish or bluish color in those part as well as some pain especially near the lungs, if by any chance you got these symptoms then it will be wise to go to the doctor immediately.

So how to make sure that we can counter these blood clotting condition? The answer lies in some herbal medicine that have the capabilities to reduce blood clotting condition such as ginger, curcumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and many more, eating these herbal medicine in form of food or spices allow us to have better blood condition that are not too thick and also lowering our blood pressure, additionally having some regular exercise everyday as often as we can also lowering the high blood pressure that has become one of the main cause of the blood clots lungs condition.

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