Blood Clots Pregnancy Symptoms

Blood clots pregnancy symptoms
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Blood clots pregnancy symptoms are the increased levels of estrogen that happened during pregnancy. The clot itself isn’t really the real problem, it’s the location of the clot and what symptoms it may cause. Blood clots are the serious matter when woman get pregnant. Woman who are in the process of pregnancy has more and additional risks because of the developing baby inside the body. Even though blood clots are more risked during pregnancy period, but the blood clots pregnancy symptoms are very rare which is happened to someone. However, there are many steps you can take to minimize your blood clots pregnancy while you are experiencing them. Here’s the solution.

Blood Clots Pregnancy Symptoms that we need to know

In pregnant woman, the area where the blood clots pregnancy symptoms are formed in the deep veins of the leg. Woman who are pregnant experiencing such symptoms which makes them feeling the pain. The symptom pain include a pain behind the knee of a leg that usually feels warmer to any touch. If the symptoms happened in other area beside the knee, it means that you will feel pain due to loss of oxygen to that area. A blood clot occurs when the body sends cells, called platelets, to block the flow of blood. This usually happens when you have a cut. During pregnancy period, the blood is clotted as a shield to protect the body of losing too much blood.

We indeed worried about the symptoms, but the blood clots matter affect only 1 or 2 pregnant woman out of every 1.000 woman, so there’s a little concern and risk about it. All pregnant woman are at risk of such symptoms, but those who are put on bed rest, having obesity, or have a genetic tendency, usually have a higher risk of the symptoms. If you develop a blood clot during pregnancy, it’s better if you get a medication as a preventive case, an anticoagulant. Anticoagulant itself helps prevent the blood from clotting. Blood clots pregnancy symptoms also can be prevent by warm compress, in the area that’s close to the skin’s surface to give it the final touch.

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