Blood Thinner Medication List For You Who Are Interested With It

Blood Thinner Medication List For you who are interested with it
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As we already know blood thinner is one of the most useful medications for blood clotting condition. Due to these reason, many doctor try to give some information regarding blood thinner medications list so even common people can know about the blood thinner that can help them with their blood clotting condition. This is of course will also need supervision from the doctor because too many blood thinner can give a backlash condition for the user of the blood thinner. Even with all of this restriction it is always a good idea to know about natural and also artificial blood thinner so you can handle some of the blood clot condition if it is actually happen to you before you going to the doctor and hospital for further treatment. Therefore, for you who are curious about the list of the medication list of blood thinner here are some of them.

Blood thinner Medication List Natural and Artificial

Starting from the artificial blood thinner medications list we got aspirin and warfarin. These two medications is a perfect and common blood thinner medication that is usually used by hospital to treat people with blood clotting condition. Aspirin is usually a medicine used for treating headaches and its related problem, however even though it is mainly used for headaches it can also be used for blood clotting condition because aspirin have the effect to prevent blood clotting though platelet production inside the body. The same can also be said with warfarin even though warfarin is much more specialized for blood clotting rather than aspirin. Of course these two medicine needs supervision from the doctor.

The next blood thinner medication is coming from nature itself. Medication that coming from the nature is quite easy to be found spices such as curcuma and turmeric which is known as the main spices for different types of food is usually the most useful medicine for blood clotting. The appliance of this medication is also quite easy because we can drink it or even eat food with the spices included within. Additionally blood thinner medications list that is also quite simple such as spinach and dark green vegetable also known to thinning blood.

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