Blood Thinners And Alcohol Relation

Blood Thinners and Alcohol Relation
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People out there are looking for an effective blood thinners that can help them with their high blood pressure and blood clotting condition. What they does not know that blood thinners and alcohol is highly related. Yes you hear that right, by consuming alcohol in a more proper manner which means that in a controlled dose you can really thinning your blood clotting condition with drinking alcohol. Of course, it does not mean that you need to go drunk just to have the benefits of alcohol. You only need to drink it in a proper and small dose of them each day and you will get its benefits. In the next paragraph, we will be discussing this unique cure for blood clotting in a more detailed manner.

Research about blood thinners and alcohol

First of all blood thinners and alcohol research has been done many times ago. And to make things surprising it is really are a relation between these two. Alcohol is known as something that have many bad side effect which is usually found in beverages such as beer and also wine or whisky and other drink. However a large amount of consumption of alcohol will often lead to many side effect such as broken body parts especially liver which is usually used to cleanse poison from food and drink. Having to handle alcohol too often will surely broke your liver in a certain way which is not good for your future and also health.

However, a moderate amount of drinking alcohol type’s drink will also bring good benefits such as increasing the HDL cholesterol in a certain number. HDL itself is known as good cholesterol which can enhance human health to certain level. What makes alcohol even good is that it is also act as a blood thinner which is good for blood clotting condition. According to the research made by Georgetown university in DC. Two drinks of alcohol can decrease the cells and platelets that usually makes up blood clotting this means you can prevent blood clotting by drinking alcohol in the right the end, this method of blood thinners and alcohol of course is just one from many method which means that you can choose to use it or not.

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