Blood Thinners Medication With Different Variety Of Uses

Blood thinners medication with different Variety of Uses
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If we are talking about blood thinners medication then the best way to make use of it is to know the different variety of the blood thinners out there. According to the research, there are natural blood thinners that can be found in many spices and also herb out there and there are also many different types of them that can be used as a natural blood thinner. Due to this reason, it is a good idea to make this as the main blood thinning medication. However, in some phase of the blood clotting it is normal for people to use chemical made blood thinner which is work in a faster way but also need more attention because too many dose can really make the user of the blood thinners to suffer from side effect which is not good for their health.

Different types of blood thinners medication

Just as implies in the first paragraph, there are several different blood thinner medication and one of them is the natural blood thinner. Natural blood thinner that is pretty common and well known is curcuma and also turmeric. These types of blood thinner can be found easily as one of our food spices and recipes. The reason they are effective for blood thinner is because they have the capabilities to prevent blood thinner by controlling the flow of blood platelet reproduction and also increase system immunity which is also make our health even better and also giving any great benefits for our body in the end.

Moving on from the natural healthy blood thinner there are also a stronger blood thinner made from chemical substance. This is not dangerous to be used however, you still need to have doctor prescription to use it properly in order to avoid over dose. Some of the most popular and common chemical type blood thinner is aspirin and also warfarin. Aspirin itself is a headache medicine which has the capabilities to prevent blood clotting as it has the same capabilities as turmeric. Warfarin on the other hand is the most influential blood thinner medication used for higher phase of blood clotting.

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