Can Bruise Cause A Blood Clot, Fact Or Myth?

Can Bruise Cause a Blood Clot, Fact or Myth?

There are many kinds of cause for blood clot and many people think that one of them is bruise that are happen because we are being hurt or have some small accident such as falling or being hit by something. Therefore the question remains in mysteries which are can a bruise cause a blood clot or affecting people condition? To answer this question we will delve deeper into the definition of blood clot and will try to discover the truth about the bruise and its connection to blood clot. For you who are interested in knowing more about the truth of this question, feel free to read the next paragraph to discover more about its truth and facts.

Can a Bruise Cause a Blood Clot

So can a bruise cause a blood clot? Before we answer this question we need to know that most of the injury or bruise is not a concern because it usually happens due to minor injury such as fall or being hit by something accidentally. This can usually go away on their own. Additionally some home treatment can also speeding the recovery of the bruises giving us much more easier time to heal from the bruises. Some severe bruiser usually cause swelling and pain which begin after 30 minutes of time. This injury and bruises maybe a serious matter as it can make severe fracture or something serious under your skin. Of course you need to keep this in mind.

However as it dangerous it can be bruises will never cause blood clot. It is an entirely different matter in this cause. Due to this reason, if we have bruises, we can really think otherwise that we will get any blood clots because it is virtually impossible. Blood clot happens because of high blood pressure that causes the blood to stack away in some of the blood vein which causes us to have some additional side effect which is quite dangerous. However bruises only happen not inside the vein which means it will not affect your vein because usually bruises will hurt beyond the skin and not further in conclusion can a bruise cause a blood clot? The answer is no.

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