Clot In Brain, One Of The Most Dangerous Condition On Blood Clotting

Clot in Brain, One of the Most Dangerous Condition on blood clotting
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When we are talking about blood clot condition then one of the most dangerous condition where our body are afflicted with blood clots is when our blood clot in brain has been hampering the blood circulation from our heart to brain. This is by far one of the most dangerous things that can happen to us and can lead to another deadly diseases which is often known as stroke. Stroke is a condition when our blood circulation cannot transfer blood from our heart to our brain which means our brain will have deficit amount of blood and can lead to brain that cease to function for a moment which can lead to stroke. This will sometimes lead to coma, immobilization and handicap or worse is dead. Due to this reason we need to know how this happen and how to stop it.

Clot in Brain and how to make sure it won’t happen

One of the best way to make sure that there will be no blood clot in brain that will hamper the blood circulation of our heart to brain is to make sure that we eat the right blood thinner. Blood thinner in this means a natural blood thinner and not chemical blood thinner. There are several natural and also save blood thinner ranges from curcumin, cinnamon and cayenne pepper which has the capabilities to thinning the blood and reduce high blood pressure which means it can also reduce the blood clotting production that will hamper the blood circulation in your brain.

The next way to stop this to happen, is to change your life style, clot in brains happen because we have unprecedented and also unhealthy lifestyle, drinking alcohol, eating too many red meat and also smoking without restriction as well the minimal way to do some exercise and also sports is one of the many reason people are being afflicted by blood clot condition and also high blood pressure, due to this reason it is way better to do exercise, stop any kinds of life breaking habit and go to life in a more proper and healthier way.

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