Common Blood Thinner Both Natural And Artificial

Common Blood Thinner both Natural and Artificial
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Blood clotting has become one of the most problematic diseases and condition that may happen to human, not because it is a deadly diseases but is can lead to another complex diseases ranges from stroke, heart attack and even amputation on certain case of it. Due to this reason it is important to know about several common blood thinners that can be used to counter this condition. Blood thinner itself is a medication that are taken by people who have blood clot problem. due to these reason, it is always a good idea to take some of them in order to make sure that we does not get any blood clot problem, of course normal and common dose of consumption is always needed to make sure that our body will not take any additional backlash.

Common Blood thinners that we need to know

As the first paragraph has tells us, there are different types of common blood thinner and all of them are actually can be found in our surrounding area. Let us first move on to the natural common blood thinners first because it is much cheaper. Natural blood thinners are divided into several items however the most common and well-known one is the turmeric and also spinach, these two ingredients or items can be found mostly on the kitchen turmeric usually are used for spices for food and also recipes while spinach is a vegetable with many kinds of benefits especially for making body even stronger. These vegetable and also spices is mostly one of the best choices for blood thinner.

After we know about the blood thinner that are made from natural ingredients we will be describing blood thinner that are made from chemical items. There are two of the most popular blood thinner first of them is aspirin and the second one if warfarin. Aspirin basically is a medicine to treat headaches but it is also known to be perfect for blood clot medication that makes it one of the most popular bloods thinner. Warfarin on the other hand is a prescription recipe that comes from the doctor which means we need prescription to use it. And there you go all of the common blood thinners both chemical and natural.

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