Facts About Alcohol And Blood Thinners

Facts about Alcohol and Blood Thinners
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Good news for any alcoholic out there, alcohol and blood thinners are having a good relationship between each other. So, for anyone who says that alcohol is the one that will make blood clot worse then you need to think it more since, alcoholic is also known as a good way to prevent blood clot inside yourself. However, there are several terms of it. Some researchers have proven that alcohol turns into a good substance that will help you to prevent blood clot inside your body but, there are also any exception for it. As long as you know the limit, alcohol may be your life savior. Here are some facts between the complex relationship of alcohol and blood thinner.

Several facts about alcohol and blood thinners

For many years, people believe that alcohol and blood thinners are not going well each other. However, some studies have shown that it’s not a bad idea if you drink a moderate amount of alcohol since, it’s good for your health. It’s also called as French paradox where some of French have less risk in having heart disease than American. Based on some studies, French people are considered for having good heart caused by their habit for having alcohol.

It’s still being a controversial thing that is not believed by any people. However, alcohol does effective in preventing blood clot inside human body. In other hand, alcohol is not 100% positioned as the only cure because, its effect is only temporary for several period of time. For getting max effect by drinking alcohol, you may also need to drink it based on moderate rate. A glass or couple glass of red wine might be a great thing to lead you into good blood circular system. Other alcohol might not be identified till now but red wine is considered as the best one. By drinking it properly, you can start to get its advantages. Besides, you can also know that alcohol and blood thinners are effective for yourself and it will be a great thing for you to have it and you may save your life from heart attack with alcohol.

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