Foods That Prevent Blood Clots Naturally

Foods that Prevent Blood Clots Naturally
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Blood clot is one of the conditions where our blood becomes thickening due to some condition especially to dehydration and other things such as bad lifestyle. This is at first looks like a non-lethal condition and just gives us redness, swelling and other things. However, in the end, it will also lead to more serious problems such as stroke, heart failure and many more. Due to this reason it is also a good idea to change our life style and continue to life in a healthier manner. One of the solution is to eat food that prevent blood clots and for you who are interested in this topic we will begin by explaining several unique food that can be used to keep our body healthy especially to prevent blood clots.

Several Food that prevent blood clots

1. Garlic
One of the ingredients or food that you can eat and act as food that prevents blood clots is garlic. Garlic offer many kinds of benefits and not only keeping the blood clots problem away. Garlic itself work as a good blood thinner. Therefore it is important to keep additional food that has garlic ingredients embedded in it to be your natural blood thinner. Be aware though if you already consume blood thinner then adding garlic to your food will double it effectiveness and may cause additional problems that can lead to another problem for your body.

2. Kiwi
Vegetables and fruit is one of the best foods that can be used to prevent blood clot to be infecting your body. Due to this reason it is important to eat more vegetable and fruit to lessen he blood clot effect. One of the fruit that have the best blood thinner effect is kiwi. It has platelets activity which lowers the risk of people for being affected by blood clot. Additionally not only lower the risk of being afflicted by blood clots eating kiwi also have other benefits such as lowering our cholesterol level significantly. There are some of the examples of food that prevent blood clots hope it will help you to make your life healthier.

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