General Explanation About Blot Clot In Leg

General Explanation about Blot Clot in Leg
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Blot clot in leg becomes one of healthy problems that are really dangerous. It’s a situation where there is a blockage on blood circular found on our leg. Therefore, there could be lots of problems that will be occurred later if it’s not treated really well. For blood clot case which is happened on leg, there are many possible causes about it. Besides, most of them are women due to the usage of high heel or even too-tight shoe for a whole day. In addition to women, men are also having a risk for getting blood clot on their leg area. For this problem, we’d like to share any kinds of information about how blood clot in leg is formed, its causes, and how to overcome the problem so; you won’t face the same problem again in the future.

Blot clot in leg causes and how to cure it
There are many causes of Blot clot in leg that you should know. First, it’s caused by waxy cholesterol that is found on the vein so, it blocks blood circular system. Besides, there are also other things that are possible to cause blood clot inside our body. As stated before, shoe becomes other factor that is really crucial. Too-tight shoe or even other painful shoe such as, high heel and pointed shoe becomes other factor that you should know. It’s a big case that is felt by many women in this world where they love to wear a painful shoe just for beauty. In the end, it cause blood blockage that is occurred on their leg which is really dangerous.

For the symptom of blood clot, there are many possible symptoms that can be occurred anytime. First, one of your foot or even both of them will be swollen and might get redder than before. Besides, you will feel faint while walking and feel painful on feet area. If you get one of the symptoms that are mentioned before, it’s really recommended for you to see a doctor and tell him or her about your problem. Usually, medication becomes the first way to treat the disease. The doctor will give some medications for example, aspirin. For further treatment, surgery becomes a must if the condition of Blot clot in leg is worse.

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