Genetic Blood Clotting Disorders Causes And Solution

Genetic Blood Clotting Disorders Causes and Solution

Blood clot is divided into many types and genetic blood clotting disorders included as one of them. It’s kind of blood clot that is caused by genetic or inherited. It may come from our parents or even previous generation that bring a blood clot gene for us. It may not be appearing soon but, any people with this problem become easier to get blood clot because of inherited gene. Therefore, it’s really important for them to maintain their health as a way to keep them away from blood clot. In order to solve this problem, you need to know about possible causes and how to solve it.
Causes and solution of genetic blood clotting disorders
Generally, genetic blood clotting disorders caused by inherited gene that increase the risk of getting blood clot. However, there are also other causes that are related with other causes that are shown. First, it’s mutated gene such as, Factor II and Factor V Leiden. The first cause appears as a mutated gene that turns to be different and start to affect people just by creating mutation gene which will increase the risk of getting blood clot. Besides, there is also a decrement of protein inside our body. There are several kinds of protein that are decreased such as, protein S, antithrombin III, and protein C. Last but not least, there is also other increment of several substances that increases the potency of blood clot.
Some of the causes that are stated above are related with inherited blood clot gene. In this case, it needs an advance medical test to know about which type of problem that you get inside your body. When the result is out and you can know about anything that you need to do. First, you need a medication that is prescribed by the doctor based on the situation that you get. Besides, you also need to do some exercises combined with healthy food consumption that is really good for yourself. It becomes a great preventive action that will keep your body healthy. Based on some information about the causes and solution of genetic blood clotting disorders above, you may get lots of good things to help you to overcome this problem.

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