Herbal Blood Thinners Choices That You May Not Know

Herbal Blood Thinners Choices that You May Not Know
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Most of us may not know that there are lots of herbal blood thinners choices that we can use to threat blood clot. Some of the remedies are really easy to find and it can be found on your kitchen. Therefore, it becomes an easy thing to treat blood clot once they are appeared. The remedies can be combined with other or even just one. Besides, there is also other thing that you may know while consuming natural blood thinner ingredient. The effect may not come fast but it will stand for a long time. Therefore, natural remedy is much more recommended than any kinds of medications that can cause side effect if it’s consumed excessively.

Several choices of herbal blood thinners that is easy to get

The first choice of herbal blood thinners choices that you can get easily is onion. Onion is known as common kitchen ingredient that is often used by many people. Despite its function, onion is known as healthy ingredient that can be used for lots of functions and one of them is to treat blood clot. It’s not that hard to find it since, almost all markets have this one. The other great thing is, it’s really cheap and there is no excuse if you can’t even buy it. In order to consume it, you only need to take one onion and consume it directly. Besides, you can also mix it as a part of juice. It seems disgusting but, for the sake of health, there is nothing more about it.

In addition to onion, there are still many remedies that are available and chosen based on your preferences. The other popular ingredient that you should use is, ginger. Ginger is known as a part of spice that give a taste of your food. Besides, ginger is also known as one of spices that have tons of good benefits for human health which one of them is to treat blood clot. Usually, ginger is mixed with a water to make ginger drink. With some herbal blood thinners choices that are available above, you can start to choose the best ingredient based on your needs.

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