Here Are The Top 10 Wonders Of The World

Here are the Top 10 Wonders of the World
Taj Mahal in India there's no doubtReef it's the largest collection of coral reef in the world an underwaterPyramid the largest of the Giza pyramidsnumber 6 we've got Mount Everest

This is the trial we take all kinds of weird and wonderful things from all over the world and we turn them into a nice little top ten list so you guys don’t have to and today there’s a rumor going around that this article is about the top ten wonders of the world I can confirm now it’s true we’re going to be talking about natural wonders that have existed without human intervention and we’re gonna be talking about things that humans have created themselves because not everything we make is bad not everything is as bad as fish flip-flops mean they’re terrible we can do better than that so I strip into this guy’s without number ten and way to be talking about probably the most famous Canyon of all although there aren’t many canyons that I know about other than this one it’s the Grand Canyon located in Arizona USA the Grand Canyon is a natural gorge that runs for 277 miles and it’s about 6,000 feet deep and ten miles across on average the canyon itself is thought to have existed for 70 million years by the Colorado River that’s been carving into the bedrock there has only been doing so for about six million years the amazing layers of rock that can be seen are a truly breathtaking sight to see and draw around five million tourists a year but Georgia’s love it even more as each layer there is a different chapter for them in the Earth’s history the rock at the bottom is around 2 billion years old and the rock at the top is 230 million years old in English is obviously called the Grand Canyon which you can see why it’s a pretty grand spectacle to see but in the Native American language there it’s called Chi bat which quite literally means Mountain turn upside down which I think’s just awesome on to number 9 and we’ve got the Taj Mahal in India there’s no doubt about it that this is one of the most exquisite buildings ever made a lot of people recognize this totally symmetrical building but some people aren’t aware of its purpose and origins standing at 561 feet and made of white marble vataj my howl is a mausoleum that was commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to be the final resting place for his third wife Mumtaz Mahal after her death construction started in 1632 and was completed around 1653 after roughly 20 years of work it took more than 20,000 skilled workers and architects to design and construct the entire complex which includes a large garden a reflecting Paul a mosque and other mausoleums I’ve always always wanted to go to India and visit the Taj Mahal myself have any of you guys watching this already been do any you guys want to go in the future do you want to go with me probably not all right let’s just move on to round number eight and we’ve got the Northern Lights and the southern light also known as the aurora borealis it’s quite simply the most incredible natural light display in the world the science behind it is that when solar winds from the Sun react with the Earth’s magnetosphere particles are thrust into the upper atmosphere and emit light as they lose their energy the results of this are spectacular but can only be seen near the Earth’s magnetic poles places like Norway and the north of Canada unknown have been the safest bet if you want to check out these Northern Lights although there are other good places like Iceland London actually recently went there and saw the Northern Lights himself although he said you have to wait out in the cold for hours and hours but when he finally did it was all worth it all right folks for our number seven now we’re going over to South America to talk about Machu Picchu hidden in the rocky Andes Mountains in Peru lies Machu Picchu an abandoned Inca settlement they remained a secret to all but a few people until it was rediscovered in 1911 by American archaeologist Hiram Bingham it sits about 18,000 feet above sea level and was thought to be a religious site constructed by the Inca Empire sometime in the 15th century it was abandoned in the 16th century after the Spanish conquest of the Incas and left in ruin to be reclaimed by the surrounding jungle at its peak though Machu Picchu would have been one of the most incredible sight in the world consisting of 200 different Inca buildings split into farming housing and religious areas I know quite a few people who have actually visited this site themself I have to say I’m extremely jealous I tend to love anything that’s about history or mystery or beautiful landscapes and if you want all three of those you can’t really be match up each you coming out number 6 we’ve got Mount Everest also known in Nepal and Tibet a cigar math or Chomolungma respectively Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain it continues to captivate scientists and tourists all over the world especially climbers many of whom see climbing Everest as the literal pinnacle of their careers its peak is 29,029 feet above sea level and it was formed about 16 million years ago when the Indian landmass collided with Asia although humans love Mount Everest it doesn’t seem to love humans temperatures there can reach as cold as minus 60 degrees with winds of 200 miles an hour it was reported in January 2016 that the total death toll for Everest climbers has reached 275 people sometimes guys the most beautiful things in the world could also be the most deadly it’s this strange attraction that humans have to the things that can hurt us the most we’re colour weird also before anyone says in the comments I know that there are other mountains in the world that are taller from base to summit but Mount Everest is still the highest point above sea level just want to clear that up and now we’re gonna move on to at number five we’re gonna go over to sunny Brazil and see Christ the Redeemer this statue of Jesus Christ is arguably the most prominent landmark in the city of Rio de Janeiro it was completed in 1931 stands at 98 feet tall and it’s made of reinforced concrete that brings its total weight to about 635 tons in 2007 it was voted into the new seven wonders of the world by members of the public around the world in a poll organized by the new7wonders foundation but where the statue is visible from most parts of the city 1.8 million visitors make the journey up to the peak on which it sits to be up close and personal with it since 2002 there have been escalators that will carry you up to the statue but before that you had to climb 220 steps to get to it so now guys if you’re ever in Rio de Janeiro and you’re a lazy person you’ve got no excuse not to go and see it on to number 4 and we’re taking a dive to see the Great Barrier Reef it’s the largest collection of coral reef in the world an underwater ecosystem built by colonies of tiny marine animals the Great Barrier Reef is the most spectacular example of this natural phenomenon in the world it’s made up of nine hundred separate reefs and 900 islands a stretch for over 1,600 miles along the Australian coast and the whole thing is quite literally alive it’s the world largest structure of living entities and it’s so big that it can actually be seen from space although the reef itself is made up of billions of tiny coral polyps it’s home to an astounding amount of other species as well including 1,500 species of fish 134 species of sharks and rays as well as 30 species of marine mammals who all depend on its existence for their survival before I made this article for you guys I found out that you can actually visit the Great Barrier Reef on Google Maps I was just sitting there scrolling along sprawling the rig full of fish it’s crazy because it’s actually some roads near my home back in England that haven’t been put on Google Maps yet so what’s that all about coming at number three now we’ve got the higher Sofia in Istanbul Turkey the name means holy wisdom and it’s no surprise as this building has been revered as an important religious site for almost 1500 years he first served as an orthodox cathedral and then was converted into a catholic one and then became an islamic mosque for almost 500 years from 1453 to 1931 it’s now a museum and still attracts over three and a half million visitors every year with people who just stand in awe of its majestic mosaic covered walls and dome which rises over a hundred and eighty feet off the ground supported by immense arches that have somehow resisted the area’s earthquakes for over a thousand years in previous years it’s always been left out of the top seven seven wonders of the world has often just called the eighth wonder of the world but here at most amazing top 10 we go all the way up to 10 so will I believe it out come on in hiya Sofia there’s more than a fruit view at number two we got the Great Wall of China the Great Wall is the longest wall on the planet and is the biggest piece of ancient architecture in existence its oldest parts are 2,300 years old and it’s official length stands at an astounding thirteen thousand one hundred and seventy point seven miles long its initial construction was ordered by Quin Shi Huangdi during the Qin Dynasty which connected and extended existing walls Chinese armies were then stationed along the wall to protect against an invasion of the Huns they even had a signal fire system like the one in law the Rings to alert everyone on the wall if there was ever an attack since then the wall was built upon and enhanced by many people over the centuries until 1644 when the ming dynasty was overthrown today the Great Wall attracts over 10 million visitors a year who walk along this piece of living history that had stood the test of and it’s not visible from the moon but it is visible from the Earth’s orbit bonus fact well folks we’ve always reached the end of the article and if you’re still waiting for me to say Disneyworld I’m afraid it just missed out because I’m number one it’s a Great Pyramid the largest of the Giza pyramids the Great Pyramid has been a true wonder of the world for over four and a half thousand years since its creation its purpose is believed to be a tomb for the 4th dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu it took 20 years to make and the numbers alone are simply staggering roughly 2.3 million stone blocks were used in its construction each weigh between 2 to 30 tons the precision involved in its design construction and dimensions still baffled historians to this day it was the tallest building in the world for 3,800 years and the area it takes up is impressive – you could fit 10 football fields inside of it I was always taught growing up that it was created by slaves but apparently recent evidence has shown that that isn’t true and it was actually made by a skilled workforce which at his peak would have numbered 40,000 people all building that pyramid crazy it probably involved a lot of back-breaking work but if they could see the result today I’m sure it’d be pretty proud of it especially especially they knew it made the number one spot in our article just saying well guys I hope you enjoyed the article I hope it was informative in some small way or the very least wasted a few minutes because that’s always my aim to just waste time for people and you know.

Machu Picchu hidden in the rocky Andes Mountains in PeruLights and the southern light also knownJaneiro it was completed in 1931 standshigher Sofia in Istanbul TurkeyGreat Wall is the longest wall on theGrand Canyon located in Arizona USA
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