Knowing About Clots During Menstruation It Is Dangerous Or Not

Knowing about clots during menstruation it is dangerous or not
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There are several things that make women feel uncomfortable during their menstruation phase and one of them is clots during menstruation. Some women believe that clots means that their genitalia is not healthy therefore some women even panicking when they have clots in their menstruation phase. However, as scary as it is to have some clots when in menstruation phase it is actually harmless and you will not suffer from anything dangerous from this blood clots that are secreted during your menstruation phase. There are of course several reason and we will give you some interesting facts about it therefore stay read to this news and discover more about this fact.

Why clots during menstruation is not harmful

The main reason of why clots during menstruation is not harmful to women body is because it comes from the uterus itself. Sometimes the blood are too thick which makes it appear as a clots. This is not dangerous as it is a normal thing. However of course, some of us without any experience and knowledge regarding this fact will often think this as a dangerous situation. However as stated before it is because the quantity of the blood is too thick which makes it looks like a clots. This can be countered by eating and drinking several medication that makes the blood thinner. Blood thinner such as spinach and also turmeric is one of the best choice as it is natural and can even give you more irons which is good for your menstruation phase.

With all of these interesting facts, we now know that these condition is not harmful, therefore we does not need to go panicking if we have this condition during our menstruation phase. The next thing we can do is just eat, exercise and also have proper sleep as it will make our menstruation phase much easier to be passed. Additionally do not forget to eat some healthy food with irons quantity in it. It will make you much healthier and also can stand the pain and also clots during menstruation much better without having to go to the doctor or health professional.

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