Leg Clots Symptoms And How To Treat It

Leg Clots Symptoms and how to treat it
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Blood clots are the condition when blood heap in the vessel on particular part of human body that cause the blood cycle cannot be transferred normally. One of the blood clots condition is leg clots. Blood circulates from heart, lung and goes down to the leg and the other part of human organ that maintain them to function properly. Leg clots will cause the blood circulation does not work properly and it will induce problem. Generally, there are two kinds of blood clot. One, which is happen in the inner tissue, precisely, in the vena is called deep vein thrombosis. Another which is happen near the skin tissue is called thrombophlebitis. In such conditions, the blood cycle does not only work improperly but also there would be inflammation in the vessel.

The Symptoms and How to Treat the Leg Clots

There are some symptoms of blood clots which can be suspected as leg clots. The difficulty in walking is one of them. Since blood cycle helps our body organ to work properly, the blood clots in leg will hamper our mobility. The other symptom is pain caused by blood clots in leg. The leg clot is triggering tremendous pain around the leg followed by swelling. Skin color alteration is also the symptom of blood clot in leg. Leg which is suffered by blood clot will change its color. It can be livid, pale or even redness around the suffered leg of the victim which can be seen clearly.

There are several tips and steps to treat the leg clots. Use anticoagulant to stop further clotting. Anticogulant is a set of medicine which is commonly used to stop further inflammation of blood clotting in leg. The common anticoagulant which is used to treat leg clot are warfarin and heparin. Another tip is consuming food which contains salicylate and omega-3. Food contains with salicylate will help to reduce blood clotting in the leg. By consuming foods contain with herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric or peppermint, the inflammation by blood clot can be stopped. Moreover, these herbs also function to stop further leg clots.

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