Lists Of Blood Thinner Medication Names

Lists of Blood Thinner Medication Names

Blood clots is one of the condition where our blood pressure and blood thickness is to thick and our condition has become worsen as the blood clots itself has block the flow of the blood veins making our condition our health even worsen each day. there are several problematic diseases that are caused by this blood clots condition from stroke, heart attack and heart failure or even immobilization due to the blood clots that are stacked in several different body parts such as legs, hand, heart, and lungs. Due to these reason we need to know several blood thinner medication names. There are actually many kinds of blood thinner medication that can help us to ease our pain and blood clots condition. Some of them are actually quite beneficial and can really help us with our condition.
Blood Thinner Medication Names List
First of all, we need to know the blood thinner medication names in detail there are actually many kinds of medication that we can try from the first one is the Alteplase, this unique medication is one of the best medication for blood clots itself because it has the effect to break down the blood clots inside our body. This unique medication is formed by an enzyme called tPA or tissue plasminogen activator. This medication is especially good for people with stroke and pulmonary embolism and also hearth failure. Other than the Alteplase we also get two other medications which will be described further in the next paragraph.
The second and third medication is called dalteparin and danaparoid. Dalteparin is a unique blood thinner or anticoagulant that has the ability to prevent blood clots especially for people who have undergone a surgery which is one of the causes of the blood clots. Additionally this medication is also effective for chest pain, and also blood clots recurrences in cancer patients, Danaparoid on the other hand is one of the examples of anticoagulant that are effective for pulmonary embolism or blood clots that happen in lungs. There are actually still a lot of different blood thinner medication names but these three are the most common and known.

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