Medicine For Blood Clots That We Need To Comprehend And Know

Medicine for blood clots that we need to Comprehend and Know
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There are several types of medicine for blood clots that we need to know. The reason is because blood clots are one of the most dangerous conditions in human body that we need to be careful of. The reason is quite simple, it is because this type of condition can lead to another deadly diseases. deadly diseases that we will be talking about is of course ranges from heart attack, strokes and even amputation if it is happen in our motoric organ such as leg and also arm. Due to this reason, knowing general medicine for blood clotting can really help us to treat the blood clot condition in a more efficient and also easy way. Therefore, without further ado here are some of the examples.

Medicine for Blood Clots condition

1. Aspirin
The first medicine for blood clots that are very effective is Aspirin. This type of medication is quite unique as it has the ability to decrease human body platelet production and also function which is the main idea for treating stroke and also heart attack patient. Aspirin itself has been known as one of the medicine for curing headaches.

2. Warfarin
The next medicine is called Coumadin or known as warfarin. This unique medicine is known as blood thinner that have the capabilities of thinning blood pressure and also thinning blood clotting factor. Usually the use of Coumadin is depend on the patient condition and also body which means different patient will have different dose of Coumadin usage. Additionally, the use of warfarin or Coumadin is pretty useful for making sure that the user blood is anti-coagulated into the proper level. What makes this medicine different from aspirin is that it needs to be monitored by expert such as health care professional and doctor to make the treatment work.

3. Factor Xa
In this present day there are several new medicine for blood clotting which is known as factor Xa this medication will work immediately and do not need any monitoring which makes it very crucial right now. This anticoagulant itself has different variety ranges from rivaroxaban, edoxaban and apixaban. These medication or medicine for blood clots is several examples of the advancement of medication technology this day.

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