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Blood Clot In Neck Symptoms And Ways To Solve It

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Blood Clot in Neck Symptoms and Ways to Solve It
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There are many different blood clot in neck symptoms that can be happened and it’s really important for us to know it as a good knowledge especially, in maintaining our health in good condition. Blood clot itself is known as blood blockage that can be happened on any parts inside our body. It can be happened on your leg, neck, or even your brain. Each part is affected by blood blockage which cause lots of Read more

Medication For Blood Clots That Is Simple But Effective

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Medication for Blood Clots that is simple but Effective
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There are different types of medication for blood clots that is actually simple but also effective. This type of medication will need different types of medicine that will be described further in this article. Some of the medication will need us to consume different types of medicine. Therefore to help you know the property of each medicine either chemical or natural in this article we will give you some interesting information about it we hope Read more

General Explanation About Blot Clot In Leg

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General Explanation about Blot Clot in Leg
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Blot clot in leg becomes one of healthy problems that are really dangerous. It’s a situation where there is a blockage on blood circular found on our leg. Therefore, there could be lots of problems that will be occurred later if it’s not treated really well. For blood clot case which is happened on leg, there are many possible causes about it. Besides, most of them are women due to the usage of high heel Read more

Foods That Prevent Blood Clots Naturally

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Foods that Prevent Blood Clots Naturally
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Blood clot is one of the conditions where our blood becomes thickening due to some condition especially to dehydration and other things such as bad lifestyle. This is at first looks like a non-lethal condition and just gives us redness, swelling and other things. However, in the end, it will also lead to more serious problems such as stroke, heart failure and many more. Due to this reason it is also a good idea to Read more

Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Calf The Important To Know

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Symptoms of Blood Clot In Calf the Important to Know
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There are actually several types of symptoms of blood clot in calf that usually happen to our body. The symptoms may be a bit unique and sometimes will make us think that it is not blood clot rather than a pain in the calf which is normal. However, some of these symptoms will come in several place on the calf and if it is come in these symptoms then you need to be careful, for Read more

Blood Clot In Head Symptoms And Treatments

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Blood Clot in Head Symptoms and Treatments
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There is different blood clot in head symptoms that can be occurred at any time. In this case, it’s really important for any people to check their healthy first to the doctor. Blood clot maybe known as simple thing but, it might be an early phase of any kinds of serious diseases that can be occurred inside your body. Blood clot can be occurred on any parts of human body including human head. At head, Read more

Blood Clot In Lungs Treatment And Causes

Blood Clot in Lungs Treatment and Causes

Nowadays, blood clot in lungs treatment is varied due to patient’s specific condition. Usually, the doctor will diagnose the patient first so; he or she is able to decide about the best treatment that will be conducted for them. Therefore, it’s really important for anyone to see the doctor first as the most recommended way to find about it. These ways become important thing to know by any people that get blood clot inside their Read more

The Answer Of Does Alcohol Thin Blood

The Answer of Does Alcohol Thin Blood

Does alcohol thin blood? This question is often asked. Alcohol is made by fruits and grains fermentation. It can slow down vital function. When somebody drinks it, they will have unclear vision, unclear speaking, and unsteady movement and react slowly. Actually, those effects are depend on how much we drink, for your information, the content of alcohol in each alcoholic drink is different, for example; wine contains 8-20 percent of alcohol, beer consist of 2-6 Read more

Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Brain That We Need To Know

Symptoms of Blood Clot in Brain that we need to Know

Symptoms of blood clot in brain may occur insensibly. Sometimes when someone feels dizzy, they just ignore it and expect that this is just because of exhausting. Actually, blood clot is our natural defense to cure injured body. However, if the blood clot becomes excess, the complication will emerge. If the blood clots in lungs can cause embolism, if it happens in leg or arm can be deep vein thrombosis. Blood clot cannot be ignored, Read more

The Mystery Of Does Cinnamon Lower Blood Pressure

The Mystery of Does Cinnamon Lower Blood Pressure

Many people know cinnamon as good ingredients for different kinds of food recipes from cake, food and even beverages, but does cinnamon lower blood pressure? Well, many people have been asking this question because it is normal for them to want to know more about the cinnamon. In this article, we will try to describe the secret of cinnamon in more details about what is the effect of the cinnamon itself, what is its benefits Read more