Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Brain That We Need To Know

Symptoms of Blood Clot in Brain that we need to Know

Symptoms of blood clot in brain may occur insensibly. Sometimes when someone feels dizzy, they just ignore it and expect that this is just because of exhausting. Actually, blood clot is our natural defense to cure injured body. However, if the blood clot becomes excess, the complication will emerge. If the blood clots in lungs can cause embolism, if it happens in leg or arm can be deep vein thrombosis. Blood clot cannot be ignored, because if it ignored, there will be a heavy disease and dangerous. In the next paragraph, we will try to uncover some of the symptoms of the blood clot that usually happen in brains and what the causes of it to give you better knowledge about this health problems.

Symptoms of blood clot in brain and causes
If you are often feeling headache, blurred vision or poor coordination, it can be Symptoms of blood clot. When headache occur with no reason, often appear, it can be in one side or in entire head, it may be the first sign of brain blood clot. Second symptom is blurred visions. Blood that clot in brain may cause visual disruption, double vision or even loss vision to entire eyes. Poor coordination may be the last symptoms of brain blood clot. Poor coordination usually happen when your brain and part of your body can not be synchronous well which giving the victim a very bad reflect and also movement.

Causes of blot are many. But the most of them is brain injury. When your brain crushes something, it will cause bleeding then blood clot in skull will appear. Bleed that appear can press the brain. Atherosclerosis may be the second cause of brain blood clot. Atherosclerosis is a state of narrowed arteries. Plague and cholesterol are growing as long as age increase. If we seldom do exercise, that substance can stick in our arteries then narrow it. This can cause thrombotic stroke. Other causes are lifestyle and smoking. Less exercise piles cholesterol and fat in our blood vessel. Some substance in cigarette is also covering blood vessel that trigger symptoms of blood clot in brain.

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