Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Calf The Important To Know

Symptoms of Blood Clot In Calf the Important to Know
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There are actually several types of symptoms of blood clot in calf that usually happen to our body. The symptoms may be a bit unique and sometimes will make us think that it is not blood clot rather than a pain in the calf which is normal. However, some of these symptoms will come in several place on the calf and if it is come in these symptoms then you need to be careful, for those who are interested, here are some of the symptoms that we can know.

Symptoms of Blood Clot in Calf

1. Redness
The first symptoms of blood clot in our leg or calf is the redness or discoloration of skin in our leg, this is happen because of the clot that happen inside our vein. The color of the skin changes because the collection of bloods that are under the skin has become much more visible due to the larger growth because of the blood clot under our skin. This will keep on intensifying ahead of time, therefore if you have this symptoms go to the doctor immediately because it is the first symptoms of this problems.
2. Swelling
Swelling can also occur and become the main symptoms of blood clot in calf. The pain or swelling comes because the blood clot inside our skin disturbing our physical condition and causing much more pain. This symptom is quite annoying and you need to make sure that if you have the redness and swelling then it is time for you to go to the doctor to fix your condition.
3. Warm Skin
Finally the last symptoms that are usually being overlooked are warm skin. People who have warm skin and these two symptoms then will be 90% have blood clot under their calf skin. It is because blood clot will improve our body temperature which cause change in our body. This is of course make the skin feels warm and gives some heat especially if the blood clot is highly collected under the calf. These three types of symptoms of blood clot in calf can be easily detected and cured if you know about it sooner therefore be careful and take care of your condition.

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