Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Head That We Need To Be Aware Of

Symptoms of Blood Clot in Head that we need to be aware of

As we already know blood clots is a condition that can happen in almost any place on our body. The stack of blood clot that will hinder the blood circulation due to high blood pressure is a dangerous and risky condition that can lead to more serious problems. One of the most dangerous and risky place where blood clot can stack is the head, there are several symptoms that we need to understand and know if we want to avoid this kinds of trouble, therefore in this article we will give you symptoms of blood clot in head that can help you to analyze and inspect it further so the condition can be handled before it was getting worse. Therefore without further ado, here are some of the symptoms that we need to be aware of.

Several Symptoms of blood clot in head
First of all the most prominent symptoms of blood clot in head can be seen in the person or victim physique that are becoming fragile and weak. This is one of the most prominent and clear symptoms of almost any blood clot symptoms. Second, the victim will certainly have a sense of pain in the part of their head. This will happen regularly and sometimes can be mistaken for usual headaches. However, for this part usually people who have blood clot either have several headaches in overall or migraine which is much more painful than regular headaches as it only happens in one hemisphere of our head.

With these symptoms, it is always a good and wise idea to go to the doctor and hospital immediately to check up your health. This is very important as you need to make sure that you are not afflicted with blood clot on your head. To avoid more pain and also risk it is always a good idea to control your lifestyle and habit. For examples, you need to stop drinking alcohol, smoking and other things. additionally keep on mind to do more exercise, eating healthy food especially food with large vitamin D do not forget to eat food with dark green leaf as it can reduce the blood clot. Finally, we hope that these symptoms of blood clot in head can give you more awareness of this problem.

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