Symptoms Of Blood Clots In Lungs For People

Symptoms of Blood Clots in Lungs For people

Many people do not really recognize about symptoms of blood clots in lungs. When they have short breath or fast heartbeat, they feel that this is just a natural symptom because of exhausting. But do not take it for granted, because it could be a warn from your body that you have blood clots in lungs. Blood clots cannot be ignored because it higher the risk of getting stroke, or heart attack because blood clots can hamper blood to run smoothly, so if there is a pale of blood that cannot run well, it will broke blood vessels which is affected.

Symptoms of Blood clots and its treatment
Symptoms of blood clots can be seen if you have short breath, heart beat that run so fast, cough which is followed by blood, and fever. However, those symptoms actually rare to be seen in patient, so misdiagnose is often found. Other symptoms are paralyzed, stiff, pain in waist and stomach ache. Blood clots in lungs can be caused by bubble air. This condition often attack divers. When divers rise to water surface fast, the pressure of air in lungs will change drastically. When it happens, nitrogen air bubble will formed in blood vessels then causing blood clots.

Causes of blood clots in lungs are cholesterol, obesity, and heart disease. Blood clots is an importance defense when our body injured, however, in a patient with heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity, the blood clots can easily formed even if they have no wound. So it is important for people to do sport, at least jogging to avoid it. The treatment of it can be different based on its cause. Generally, coagulant substance is given like warfarin, heparin or low doses of aspirin. Another way is embolectomy, a surgery to remove blood clots in lungs. This surgery is quite common this day and can be a viable medication for people who are unfortunate enough to get blood clots, additionally, it is better to go to doctor if there are symptoms of blood clots in lungs happen to you for precise treatment that are safe and sound.

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