The Effectiveness Of Ginger Blood Thinner

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The Effectiveness of ginger Blood Thinner
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As we already know with the advancement of technology there are of course many kinds of chemical blood thinner that can reduce the blood thickness and also blood pressure in a more efficient and also faster way, however if we want to search for a natural solution then we can also find many kinds of natural blood thinner out there. One of the examples of a natural blood thinner is ginger blood thinner. Just as Read more

Turmeric Blood Thinner And What We Should Know Of It

Turmeric blood thinner and What We should know of it

Many people are thinking about a good blood thinner that are come from the nature, and one of them is turmeric blood thinner. Yes you hear that right everyone, turmeric which is known as curcuma longa has been known as one of the best medicine for blood thinner. It is also known as medicine for different condition. One of the most interesting and useful fact that this medicine has to offer is that it can Read more

Is Garlic A Blood Thinner And Its Fact

Is Garlic a Blood Thinner and Its Fact

Lots of people often throw some questions related with blood clot problem like, is garlic a blood thinner? We may confuse in finding the truth behind it because, most of us think that blood clot can only be solved by lots of medications that are prescribed by the doctor. In fact, there are many kinds of things that human can do without needed to take lots of medications that can waste their money. In this Read more