Knowing About Clots During Menstruation It Is Dangerous Or Not

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Knowing about clots during menstruation it is dangerous or not
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There are several things that make women feel uncomfortable during their menstruation phase and one of them is clots during menstruation. Some women believe that clots means that their genitalia is not healthy therefore some women even panicking when they have clots in their menstruation phase. However, as scary as it is to have some clots when in menstruation phase it is actually harmless and you will not suffer from anything dangerous from this blood Read more

Menstrual Clotting Symptoms And Explanation

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Menstrual Clotting symptoms and explanation
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Menstrual clotting is one of the normal conditions that happen in some menstruation phase by women out there. It can be included as natural menstruation phase which is kinds of annoying however it is perfectly normal to have some blood clotting in your menstruation phase. Usually, this condition happen randomly and many women has passed this type of condition to make this condition go away you can try to use product for menstruation phase with Read more