Blood Clot Arm Symptoms

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Blood Clot Arm Symptoms
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Blood clot is a condition where our blood circulatory system are being hampered by the production of blood clot which usually used to stop bleeding. This can cause many kinds of complication or even diseases such as heart attack and also stroke. Therefore we need to be careful about it. One of the most common blood clot is the blood clot arm. This usually makes our hand cannot react as the blood circulation is being Read more

Blood Clot On Arm Symptoms And Treatment

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Blood Clot on Arm Symptoms and Treatment
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Blood clot can be happened on any parts of our body including our body movement part like, blood clot on arm. It’s happened by a clot that is blocked inside our body especially in our hand. In this case, there will be some changes that you will feel with your body. In this case, people with blood clot need to treat it as soon as possible by knowing some symptoms that can be happened. Some Read more