Here Are The Top 10 Wonders Of The World

Taj Mahal in India there's no doubtReef it's the largest collection of coral reef in the world an underwaterPyramid the largest of the Giza pyramidsnumber 6 we've got Mount Everest
Here are the Top 10 Wonders of the World
Machu Picchu hidden in the rocky Andes Mountains in PeruLights and the southern light also knownJaneiro it was completed in 1931 standshigher Sofia in Istanbul TurkeyGreat Wall is the longest wall on theGrand Canyon located in Arizona USA

This is the trial we take all kinds of weird and wonderful things from all over the world and we turn them into a nice little top ten list so you guys don’t have to and today there’s a rumor going around that this article is about the top ten wonders of the world I can confirm now it’s true we’re going to be talking about natural wonders that have existed without human intervention and Read more