Top Shocking Facts About Disney

Top Shocking Facts About Disney
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Most amazing top 10 and today we are talking top 10 shocking facts about Disney ah so we all know the major Disney characters are pretty much orphans but there are many many other shocking facts in your best loved Disney films before we get going I want to hear from you guys what’s your favorite Disney film and why let me know in the comments below personally I love some of the newer ones like brave and tangled I think they’re super cool so in at number 10 at Disney led to 50 children falling ill with salmonella Disney’s 2010 movie The Princess and the Frog shows Princess Tiana kissing a frog who is actually a prince under a curse now of course kids love a bit of Disney and will do anything to be like their favorite Disney Princesses or heroes unfortunately this meant that many young children copied Tiana’s actions kissing actual frogs hoping to find a prince this directly led to over 50 children contracting salmonella a type of bacteria poisoning luckily none of the cases were fatal but it did teach these kids an important lesson never go around kissing frogs hoping they’ll turn into Prince’s like most of the time it just doesn’t work don’t snog a frog you will regret it things are getting sexy here at number 9 sex is spelled out in the sky in the Lion King and can be seen on the poster for tangles so I guess a few of you have already heard of sex in the sky in the Lion King but it is impossible not to mention with Disney there is often sex in the air like actually literally a Simba contemplates his dead father the word sex can clearly be seen in the stars now some say it says SFX and not to special effects team however this is true why is the word once again clearly visible in the 2010 movie poster for tangled feminism rejoice at number 8 Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty is only on screen for 18 minutes in her whole film that’s right she may have the title role but Sleeping Beauty is in the film for just 18 minutes with only 18 lines in the entire movie the movie is 1 hour and 16 minutes long I felt like she fell asleep woke up and missed our whole movie problems in at number seven it would take nine point four million balloons to lift up cars housen up everybody loved up right personally it had me in tears within the first ten minutes and i was inconsolable for days the most iconic moment in up is when carl toys helium balloons to his house in order to turn it into an airship like vessel cool right maybe but car would have needed to be in it for the long game as it would have taken nine point four million helium balloons to lift up that house meaning as an old guy he probably would have died in the time that it took him to do it that’s right in at number six guys with beards were not allowed into disneyland and this is a rule issued by Walt Disney himself you know what Disney the guy with the facial hair weird in at number five Disney World is actually the same size as San Francisco spread over 25,000 acres Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan and around the same size as San Fran this is absolutely insane now on top of that the hotels are so big on site it would take sixty eight years to sleep in every room wowser things are getting even more shocking and even kind of morbid here at number four when the original parts of the Caribbean ride opened at Disneyland it was decorated with real human skeletons Disney the family-friendly magical kingdom beloved by children used real human skeletons to decorate the parts of the Caribbean when it first opened in 1967 apparently this was on the order of Walt Disney himself he didn’t like the way fake skeletons looked seriously ramping up the crazy shock factor in at number three if Finding Nemo was real he would have turned into a woman and had sex with his dad I mean maybe that’s what’s coming in the sequel if the story had played out in real life in the real ocean the most likely response from the clownfish to the death of an offsprings mother would be for one of the male’s to develop female sex organs and mate with the remaining male not so child-friendly now now the shock just absolutely starts to pour number two when I reveal that 3.4 million copies of the rescuers had to be recalled because real boobs were seen in a frame the articles released on VHS had to be recalled when it was revealed there was a photo of a nude lady sneaked into the background of two frames the topless model can be spotted as Bernard and Bianca fly through the city you can really actually see her in the window in the background this kind of isn’t okay for kids we’ve had Disney including Salmonella we’ve had unrepresented heroines we’ve had real human skeletons we’ve had creepy fish sex we’ve had sex in the sky we’ve had boobs but things are even crazier number one so number one in our shocking facts about Disney is there are just so many penises everywhere Disney reveals it’s truly perverted side as penis imagery can be spotted in a way too many films Bugs Bunny has been spotted with a boner summer spotted what looks like Mickey Mouse hugging a big penis and some of even claims there are blatant shafts in Ariel’s castle in the Little Mermaid now for me the most shocking penis moment in a Disney film is in Ariel The Little Mermaid it’s when Erik is about to marry Ursula and the priest gets a little bit too excited if you know what I mean take a look at this footage now some people have said that this is an E but for me I don’t think that men have three knees do they so that’s it for the top 10 most shocking things about Disney do let me know what you thought in the comments below have I missed anything out are you feeling like a little bit strange about your childhood now I definitely am I’m Rebekah Folgate hope to see you next time on most amazing top 10 be sure to like and share maybe check out some of our other articles and leave your suggestions for our next top 10 in the comments below until next time.

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