Types Of Blood Thinners That We Need To Know

Types of Blood thinners that we need to Know

According to the research and also development of cure for blood clot and its relative diseases there are many types of blood thinners that we need to know. The reason is because we can learn many things about blood thinners and also we know what kinds of blood thinner that are suitable with the condition of the victim which means we can get better cure for the victims. In order to do this correctly of course knowledge for blood thinner is extremely important. Due to this reason, we are here to help you learn about several different blood thinners that are new and also effective to help you in battling blood clots and its other side effect. Therefore without waiting for too long here are some of the lists of the most effective blood thinners in this present day.

Different Types of Blood Thinners
There are many types of blood thinners however let us start from the most popular one which is the Coumadin. This blood thinner can be categorized as the most popular and also greatest blood thinner on its class. It has been around for almost 60 years old and has the capabilities to really thinning the blood pressure and also prevents blood clotting in some parts of the body. The main function of this blood thinner is to reduce the body level of vitamin K especially Vitamin K1 which has the function to regulates clotting. This is why the blood thinner work very effectively because it works to the target which is to the vitamin K1 itself.

Other than the Coumadin there are also Plavix and Aspirin which is also good blood thinners. These two drugs can prevent platelets which is an irregular shaped cell fragments in blood. By the works of these two drugs that prevents platelets it can make sure that there is no clotting and sticky blood under our vein. However among these two Plavix has been known as the more popular and tolerated blood thinner if compared with aspirin. Aspiring itself usually used for people who have arterial diseases condition or has undergoes surgery. With these three types of blood thinner we hope that you will get an extended knowledge about the different types of blood thinners.

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