What Is A Natural Blood Thinner That We Should Know?

What is a Natural Blood Thinner that we should know?

The thicker the blood it can really make additional problems such as blood clot which will lead to another body and health problem, therefore many people are using Coumadin and Plavix to thin or reducing their blood pressure. This is however not a good idea is as excessive use of these two medicine can really take a side effect to your body. Due to these reason many people ask on what is a natural blood thinner that we can get. There are several natural bloods thinner that can assist us in reducing our blood pressure and blood clot to a different degree. Some of this natural medicine is actually something that we can get in our daily life therefore it is pretty safe and easy to get. What is a natural Blood thinner for our body Explanation

1. Ginger as blood thinner So what is a natural blood thinner that first we will be describe, well it will be ginger. Ginger is known to be one of the most valuable items that can be used for medicine and for food recipe. Ginger itself contains natural salicylate that can be used as stroke prevention. Due to this substance this plant can be used for natural blood thinner which is pretty good for a first aid for any people who suffer from high blood pressure and also blood clot. The usage of this blood thinner is very safe and can be used in different types of food or drink which is pretty easy and does not give any additional side effect in the end.

2. Vitamin E The nest natural blood thinner is vitamin E. this blood thinner is considered as the most natural because it comes from vitamin. Therefore food that have high quantity of Vitamin E will act best as a good blood thinner some food such as spinach is one of the most natural blood thinner which has been proven by research. However, spinach itself has the capacity to act as a blood thicker because it has vitamin K inside which has the opposite effect of vitamin E, therefore you can also use a variety of vegetable that has dark green color leaf. With all of these information regarding what is a natural blood thinner we hope that you will expand your knowledge and start living healthy.

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